Ticketing Events

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If the event is an exclusive one, then people will need tickets to get in. This is a good idea as it limits attendees to only those who are desired by the organizer. It will also make the entire affair feel more exclusive. On the surface, ticketing can seem fairly simple.

However, there are complicated issues to think about. Tickets can come in a variety of forms. It is important to choose the type that is most appropriate for the specific event.

Paper Tickets

This is a classic choice that has been tried and tested for centuries. Guests are given a paper ticket which they present at the doors on the day. Whilst convenient, this system is not very environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it poses a problem for anyone who happens to misplace their ticket.

Digital E-Tickets

A ticket could be emailed to people in digital form. This has grown very popular in recent years since practically everyone carries a smartphone around with them. E-tickets do not waste paper and ensure that attendees never lose them.

Day Passes

If the event runs over multiple days, then the hosts will sometimes offer tickets that only allow for entry on specific days. This is great for people who are only interested in a particular aspect of the event. It also tends to be more economical for them. The organizer could charge more for passes that get guests in on multiple days.

Name Or Face ID Checks

If the event is very exclusive and confidentiality is important, then security may have guests’ names and even photos of their faces on file. It is a great way to ensure that only the right people get in. However, it can also seem draconian and over the top.