Choosing Event Venues and Times

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There are two key aspects of event creation that can lead to either its success or failure. These are the venue and time it will take place. In order for the organizer to figure out when and where to hold the event, they need to take a number of factors into account. Ignoring these can often lead to unnecessary mishaps.

The Weather

Even if it is an indoor event, the weather will have an effect on how many people can safely gain access to it. For example, during times of blizzards and floods, roads can become impassable. The conference might even be forced to be canceled altogether. Therefore, it is wise to check the forecasts well in advance and plan the dates accordingly.

The Overall Capacity

The organizer should know what capacity the venue can hold. This will dictate how many people will be invited. It also prevents the overselling or underselling of tickets.

Transport Issues

Ideally, the venue should be easily accessible via both roads and different modes of public transport. If it is difficult to travel to, then it can be a pain for attendees. Transport issues also affect the time. For example, if rush hour traffic is a problem, then the event should take place at a time that avoids guests having to be on the road during it.